Eve Services has a range of equipment for wet hire at competitive rates. Our fleet is new to late-model trucks and vehicles which are fully maintained to our high-quality standards.

All vehicles and trucks come standard with 3rd party risk assessments, first aid, spill response kits, fire extinguishers, and additional E stops as per AS Standard. Our remote booms are hydraulically actuated with dewatering valves fitted. All trucks can be fitted with lance and hosing extensions for remote applications.

Eve Services 8000L vac truck

6x4 8000L Vermeer VSK100-2200DP

Our 6x4 Mitsubishi truck has an upgraded Deep Penetration blower with up to 28” Hg for higher capacity suction and faster spoil retrieval rates. This truck is complete with up to 80m of additional lance hose and up to 15m of onboard 6” hose as standard.

Eve Services 4x4 5000L truck

4x4 5000L Vermeer VSK100 – 1200XTR

Our 4x4 5000L vac truck has an upgraded 100hp engine with rotating arm and capacity of up to 30m onboard hose carried. This vac truck has various hydro excavation lance options for potholing, service location and NDD.

Eve Services 1000L vac trailer

1000L Vacuum Excavation Trailer

Our 1000L trailer mounted vacuum excavator is ideally suited to restricted access and smaller projects with limited height. It is transported by our 4x4 truck or utilities.

Eve Services

Hilux 4x4 Utility locating Vehicle

Our 4x4 Hilux is complete with tray back canopy, Lightbars, vehicle handbrake alarms and site signage. This vehicle carries EMF locating gear, GPR and auxiliary equipment for locating applications.

Eve Services

Hilux 4x2 Utility Locating Vehicle and field service

Complete with tool boxes, Lightbars, vehicle handbrake alarms and site signage. This vehicle carries EMF equipment and Auxiliary support

Eve Services Vermeer-STX800-1

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Tilt tray trailers and backfilling utility vehicles
  • Vermeer S800Tx skid steer with various attachments
  • Remote 4000PSI hydro jetting reels with various attachments for drain cleaning

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