Rail Corridor Service Locating – Toowoomba

EVE service was engaged to use EMF locating to locate and clear service for drilling works to be completed within the rail corridor. EVE was able to complete this in a rapid timeframe without the need for additional training to access the corridor as our staff are licensed with RIW and SARc certifications for Queensland…

Newstead lakes Environmental – Newstead, Brisbane

Algae removal and clean EVE were engaged to remove built up algae from the Newstead park lakes, 350tonnes were able tobe removed from the lake surface and rock bed.

High Voltage 33kVA locating and NDD

Edward Street, Brisbane CBD HV 33Kv service location and exposure for live line jointing works. EVE services completed several NDD footing investigations by vacuum excavating next to existing footings to determine pile spacing and footing depths. In addition EVE services worked with Energex to locate and NDD expose a 33Kva cable joint to allow for…